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Main Bill Information
2020-2021 Legislative Session
Total records: 430
Page 1 of 22

Assembly Education
A123 Eliminates expansion of preschool education programs in "School Funding Reform Act of 2008."
A140 Requires school district's general fund tax levy account for at least 25 percent of school district's total general fund revenue; provides four-year phase-in.
A143 Restricts Commissioner of Education's authority to reject school district's budget proposal.
A165 Requires preschool tuition rates equal actual cost per pupil.
A168 Limits annual increase in tuition rates charged by school districts, county vocational school districts, county special services districts, jointure commissions, and private schools for students with disabilities to two percent.
A175 Requires minimum geographic cost adjustment for school districts in all counties.
A177 Provides that school district may not prohibit active or retired law enforcement officer or registered security officer from carrying firearm in performance of school security duties if authorized under State law to carry.
A205 Requires parents who intend to home-school their children to inform the school district of that decision; requires school district to maintain record of each home-schooled child in the district.
A226 Establishes reward program in DOE for districts with high academic performance and low per pupil expenditures.
A228 Excludes certain increases in school security expenditures from tax levy and appropriation cap, as applicable, for municipalities and counties.
A248 Requires instruction on information literacy in curriculum of students in grades kindergarten through 12.
A280 Provides excused absence for public school student who participates in musical performance at military funeral, including playing "Taps."
A282 Requires executive county superintendents to submit school district consolidation plan to Commissioner of Education within one year and every five years thereafter and commissioner to approve or modify plan within six months of submission.
A313 Provides adjustment to school district tax levy cap for expenditures associated with opening of new school facility during budget year.
A318 Authorizes establishment of charter school payment reserve account in school districts.
A321 Establishes certain procedural requirements to enroll or withdraw child from school district.
A324 Modifies various aspects of charter school program including approval, student admissions and enrollment procedures, and board of trustee membership.
A333 Provides that in certain cases vacancy in membership of board of education of limited purpose regional school district will be filled by majority vote of board of education of constituent district represented by former board member.
A356 "Opportunity Scholarship Act"; establishes pilot program in Department of Treasury providing tax credits to taxpayers contributing to scholarships for low-income children.
A362 Requires school districts to provide instruction on water safety as part of New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education.




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