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Main Bill Information
2020-2021 Legislative Session
Total records: 190
Page 1 of 10

Assembly Environment and Solid Waste
A121 Allows for exclusion of certain properties from Highlands preservation area.
A153 Directs DEP to develop model ordinance for municipalities to regulate deposit and storage of soil and fill materials.
A155 Prohibits State departments and agencies from considering or requiring compliance by Highlands planning area municipalities with Highlands regional master plan in certain circumstances.
A156 Sunsets "Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act" five years after date of enactment unless certain conditions are met.
A158 Provides for direct property tax relief from Highlands Property Tax Stabilization Fund.
A183 Prohibits State's participation in multi-state cap-and-trade program to reduce carbon emissions from transportation sector.
A187 Permits business entities and nonprofit organizations to adopt certain responsibilities related to stormwater management basins; provides corporation business tax credit for adoption of stormwater management basins in certain watersheds.
A287 Expands authorization for clamming on Sundays.
A345 Appropriates $10 million to the DEP for Black Creek and Wreck Pond dredging.
A360 Makes supplemental appropriation of $2.125 million to Howell Township in Monmouth County for drinking water infrastructure project.
A369 Designates Earth Day week each year as Litter Law Enforcement Week for special effort to enforce littering laws.
A391 Establishes "Ethanol Study Commission."
A405 Provides for municipal review and submission of report opposing amendment to solid waste management plan; requires hearing and consideration by solid waste advisory council.
A415 Concerns valuation of property condemned for dune construction or beach replenishment.
A418 Provides State income tax credit for removal of lawns near Barnegat Bay.
A461 Requires water purveyors to notify municipalities they service regarding water supply and water quality issues.
A489 Revises timeframes for issuance of certain construction permits by DEP in 90 days.
A549 Requires DEP to reimburse local units for costs incurred in responding to emergencies in State parks and forests.
A582 Prohibits DEP from imposing conditions on projects exempt from "Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act."
A603 Provides "Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act" exemption, and clarifies municipal planning or zoning authority, for certain development along commercial corridors in Highlands Region.




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