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Main Bill Information
2020-2021 Legislative Session
Total records: 441
Page 1 of 23

Assembly Health
A116 Requires physician to offer to test patient for dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiency prior to patient undergoing chemotherapy.
A262 "Steven Schmincke's Law"; facilitates sober living home construction financing.
A263 Requires persons picking up prescriptions for Schedule II controlled dangerous substances to present identification.
A264 Permits patients to indicate that they should not be prescribed opiates and certain other controlled substances in prescription monitoring program information.
A288 Requires the Division of Consumer Affairs to establish electronic monitoring system for pain management agreements, to be linked to, and used in association with, Prescription Monitoring Program.
A316 Prohibits smoking within 20 feet of areas outside of indoor public places or workplaces.
A340 Requires health care representative to make health care decisions for incapacitated patient in accordance with patient's religious beliefs.
A371 Permits cardiologist to bear full legal and medical responsibility for medical treatment of patient within ambulatory care facility irrespective of whether cardiologist is physician who treats patient within ambulatory care facility.
A400 Establishes Children's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.
A401 Provides for identification and study of infant fatalities and near fatalities resulting from vaccination; requires inclusion of vaccination information in sudden infant death reports; and requires use of federal infant death reporting form.
A466 Requires health care facility staff to provide certain counseling following miscarriages and State registrar to establish certificate of birth.
A469 Requires health care practitioners prescribing opioid medications on first-time basis, or to minor children, to limit amount of prescribed medication to seven-day supply, except in certain circumstances.
A488 Excludes certain Medicaid income from gross income tax.
A523 Requires clinical laboratory that provides services for accountable care organization to establish clinical laboratory testing advisory board.
A526 Establishes "Fund to Prevent Use of Tobacco and Electronic Smoking Devices"; supports activities to prevent use and promote awareness of associated health conditions.
A540 Expands Medicare health care coverage to all New Jersey residents.
A600 Provides for medical exemption from influenza vaccination based on allergy to any vaccine ingredient.
A610 Exempts from sales and use tax sales of medical marijuana.
A618 Establishes air quality standards and requires certificate from Commissioner of Health for operation of indoor ice arenas, indoor motorsports arenas, and special indoor motorsports events.
A664 "Reproductive Donation Safety Act."




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