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Main Bill Information
2020-2021 Legislative Session
Total records: 64
Page 1 of 4

Assembly Science, Innovation and Technology
A109 Provides assistance to business accelerators and incubators and startup businesses located within those business accelerators and incubators.
A193 Requires disclosure of breach of security of geolocation data.
A198 Establishes New Jersey Public Interest Technology Network.
A300 Provides corporation business tax credits and gross income tax credits to small business employers and farm employers for increases in certain mandatory employer contributions.
A303 Makes FY 2020 supplemental appropriation of $450,000 for National Aviation Research and Technology Park.
A578 "Stop Social Media Censorship Act"; creates private right of action for users of social media websites whose political or religious speech has been deleted or censored by social media websites.
A642 Provides gross income tax credits to support development of New Jersey-based small business start-ups.
A742 Provides sales and use tax exemption for sales of machinery and equipment and sales of natural gas used to generate electricity in certain fuel cell facilities.
A975 Provides corporation business tax credits and gross income tax credits for purchase of certain hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.
A976 Directs installation of hydrogen refueling stations at service areas on State's toll roads.
A1165 Allows taxpayers to deduct cost of certain depreciable assets under corporation business and gross income taxes.
A1175 Requires Internet service providers to keep confidential and prohibit any disclosure, sale, or unauthorized access to subscriber's personally identifiable information unless subscriber authorizes Internet service provider in writing to disclose information.
A1181 Requires commercial Internet website and online service operators to conspicuously post their privacy policy.
A1188 Prohibits use of bots to deceive person about origin and content of communication for certain commercial or election purposes.
A1190 "New Jersey Innovation Assistance Act"; establishes New Jersey Innovation Assistance Program to provide tax credits to certain businesses.
A1203 "Department of Commerce and Innovation Act"; establishes Department of Commerce and Innovation as principal department in Executive Branch of State government; appropriates $1 million.
A1210 Requires public hearing prior to use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement agency.
A1378 Directs New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell to develop cybersecurity best practices and awareness materials for consumers in this State.
A1392 Regulates and establishes certain consumer protections concerning digital currencies.
A1968 Provides gross income tax deduction for costs of certain green home improvements that increase building systems resiliency.




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