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Main Bill Information
2018-2019 Legislative Session
Total records: 213
Page 1 of 11

Assembly     Johnson, Gordon M.   as Primary Sponsor    Co-Sponsor
A341 Creates New Jersey Innocence Study and Review Commission.
A362 Expands number of disorders included in newborn screening program.
A431 Authorizes wiretap orders for investigation of luring or enticing a child, identity theft, stalking and cyber-harassment under certain circumstances.
A462 Imposes requirements on certain pediatric emergency departments; requires DOH to include information on pediatric emergency departments in its annual hospital performance report.
A479 Revises law concerning ticket sales.
A482 Authorizes the EDA to issue additional $50,000,000 in bonds to provide grants for certain county vocational school district facilities projects and increases debt service district aid percentage for such projects.
A483 Provides additional State school aid to county vocational school districts in which enrollment increases by more than 10%.
A484 Provides State aid for certain adult education programs.
A486 Provides additional State aid to county colleges for students enrolled in certain postsecondary career and technical education certificate programs.
A550 Expands authorization for clamming on Sundays.
A559 Prohibits the sale of certain children's products containing lead, mercury, or cadmium.
A561 Concerns compensation and benefits of officers, employees, and members of State and local authorities.
A572 Requires State Auditor review of certain Department of Corrections privatization contracts.
A584 Provides State agencies will not enter into contracts with business entities that require persons or public entities to submit disputes to binding arbitration.*
A595 Designated Kevin Apuzzio's Law; allows municipalities to provide increased survivor pensions for certain volunteer emergency workers and requires municipalities to provide health and life insurance coverage to volunteer firefighters.
A815 Retitles State correction officer as State correctional police officer; clarifies law enforcement powers.
A887 Adds child molestation and endangerment to crimes that subject public school employee offender to pension and retirement benefit forfeiture.
A895 Establishes "Government Crowdfunding Act" to allow government entities to conduct fundraising for certain government projects.
A908 Provides tax credits for performing certain repairs on primary residences of senior citizens or persons with disabilities.
A939 Requires prosecutor to determine risk of re-offense under Megan's Law prior to offender's release from incarceration.




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