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Main Bill Information
2018-2019 Legislative Session
Total records: 76
Page 1 of 4

Assembly     Swain, Lisa   as Primary Sponsor    Co-Sponsor
A2436 Requires certain school district transportation supervisors to complete educational program.*
A3731 Establishes "County Code Pilot Program" for certain counties.*
A4110 Requires certain school buses to be equipped with lap and shoulder seat belts.
A4118 Permits individuals to submit TDI and family temporary disability leave claims to DOLWD prior to commencement of leave under certain circumstances and requires timely payment of benefits for such claims.
A4123 Requires State Treasurer to review energy usage and energy spending at State buildings, centers, and facilities, and report findings of completed energy audits.
A4126 Requires State Treasurer to submit report to Legislature every six months identifying deadlines for applications for federal funds by State agencies.
A4128 Establishes State Ombudsman to oversee application for and receipt of federal funds by State agencies.
A4151 Requires school security training for persons employed by public and nonpublic schools in substitute capacity and for employees and volunteers of youth programs operated in school buildings.*
A4175 Requires PANYNJ and certain commercial airport operators in State to coordinate with law enforcement for investigation and prosecution of sexual assaults; requires airlines and contractors to adopt and maintain policies regarding sexual assaults.*
A4224 Requires study of safety of school bus passengers in certain emergency situations, including school bus accidents; appropriates $250,000. *
A4281 Requires school bus driver's complete motor vehicle driving record be shared with board of education or school bus contractor and local police.
A4339 Requires school bus operations in State to comply with certain federal regulations.
A4341 Requires school bus drivers to retake certain knowledge test upon license renewal.
A4342 Requires public school student to carry identification card at school-sponsored, off-campus activities and requires principal to keep list of students on school buses used for school-sponsored activities in case of emergencies.
A4343 Requires boards of education and school bus contractors employ certain school bus safety personnel.
A4344 Requires board of education or school bus contractor, within one business day of notification that school bus driver's license is suspended or revoked, to verify to DOE that driver is no longer operating school bus.*
A4345 Requires safety education training twice per calendar year for school bus drivers and school bus aides.*
A4346 Requires school bus drivers to submit medical certificate to employer to prove continuing physical fitness and to submit to medical examination that includes certain screenings.*
A4399 Requires certain ultrasounds on pregnant women to be performed by licensed health care professionals.
A4402 Requires crisis pregnancy centers to disclose certain information concerning licensure status and services provided.




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