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   Bills 2018-2019


Main Bill Information
2018-2019 Legislative Session
Total records: 10419
Page 1 of 1042

A1 "Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act."
Identical Bill Number: S104    (2R)
Last Session Bill Number: S992  
A2 Modifies school funding law to eliminate adjustment aid and State aid growth limit; allows adjustment to tax levy growth limitation for certain school districts.
Identical Bill Number: S2    (1R)
A10 Revises requirements to authorize and access medical cannabis; establishes Cannabis Regulatory Commission; revises permit requirements for alternative treatment centers; and establishes additional legal protections for patients and caregivers. *
Identical Bill Number: S10    S2426    (SCS/5R)
A15 Raises, over time, hourly minimum wage to $15.00.
Identical Bill Number: S15   
A100 Concerns disclosure requirements by independent expenditure committees.
Identical Bill Number: S1500    (5R) S150 A1524
Last Session Bill Number: A3902   S2430
A101 Allows corporation business tax and gross income tax credits to businesses paying a salary differential to National Guard members or reservists on active duty.
Identical Bill Number: S1268   
Last Session Bill Number: A194   S2871
A102 Provides tax credit under corporation business tax and gross income tax for certain costs incurred in purchase and installation of certain environmentally responsible business equipment.
Identical Bill Number: S2130   
Last Session Bill Number: A196   S2743
A103 Establishes reward program in DOE for districts with high academic performance and low per pupil expenditures.
Last Session Bill Number: A199  
A104 Increases State appropriations to Energy Tax Receipts Property Tax Relief Fund by $387 million to restore municipal aid reductions from Fiscal Years 2009, 2010, and 2011.
Last Session Bill Number: A201   S2660
A105 Eliminates State aid growth limit for school districts in which individuals age 65 and over comprise at least 33.3 percent of the population.
Identical Bill Number: S715   
Last Session Bill Number: A205   S2354




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