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Main Bill Information
2018-2019 Legislative Session
Total records: 188
Page 1 of 10

Assembly     Munoz, Nancy F.   as Primary Sponsor    Co-Sponsor
A171 Decreases Alcoholic Beverage Tax rate paid on certain liquors.
A176 Requires suspension of local elected and appointed officers and employees indicted for certain offenses that, upon conviction, require forfeiture of office or position.
A187 Requires candidates keep detailed records of how campaign funds are spent for the ordinary and necessary expenses of holding public office.
A189 Establishes pilot project to install global positioning system (GPS) devices on certain State vehicles.
A197 Provides corporation business tax and gross income tax credits for certain employer-provided child care expenditures.
A201 Requires display of State vehicle abuse hotline bumper stickers on all State vehicles.
A205 "Microphone-Enabled Devices Act"; requires user consent before enabling device microphone.
A206 Requires commercial Internet website and online service operators to notify customers of collection and disclosure of personally identifiable information to third parties.
A260 "Opportunity Scholarship Act"; establishes pilot program in Department of Treasury providing tax credits to taxpayers contributing to scholarships for low-income children.
A269 Requires school districts to provide instruction on water safety as part of New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education.
A283 "The New Jersey Healthcare Choice Act"; permits health insurers licensed in other states to provide coverage in New Jersey under certain circumstances.
A390 Provides for licensing of radiologist assistants by DEP under "Radiologic Technologist Act" and requires State Board of Medical Examiners to approve procedures and establish level of supervision necessary for practice of radiologist assistants.
A609 Denies custody and visitation rights to minor child by family members of individuals convicted of certain crimes.
A610 Authorizes criminal history record background checks of employees and volunteers of nonprofit domestic violence victim serving organizations.
A616 Upgrades penalty for certain aggravated assaults when victim suffers serious bodily injury.
A625 Requires driver's license to display license holder's blood type.
A678 Requires health insurers to cover Lyme disease.
A684 Eliminates the New Jersey inheritance tax and repeals chapters 33 through 37 of Title 54 of the Revised Statutes.
A716 "The Reliability, Preparedness, and Storm Response Act of 2012"; requires public utilities to file certain information concerning emergency preparedness with BPU and increases certain penalties.
A843 Prohibits tobacco use in dormitory and other student residence buildings of institutions of higher education.




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