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Prepared: June 29, 1999 Check Internet site or call this office for updated schedule. Second Annual Session

* Denotes Changes


*SENATE SESSION 11:00 AM Senate Chambers

Voting Session:

A30 [Malone, Joseph R./Heck, Rose Marie+3], Pub. contracting-revises laws

A66 [Jones, LeRoy J.], Checks-proh. recording cert. info.

A126 [Holzapfel, James W./Wolfe, David W.+67], Retir. income-incr. income tax excl.

A630 [Roberts, Joseph J./Blee, Francis J.+5], Assault on sch. bus drivers-upgrades

A722 [Kramer, Paul/Wright, Barbara], Priv. fac., cert.-regulatory scheme

A744 [Asselta, Nicholas/Gibson, John C.+4], Subcontracting, pub. sch.-concerns

A994 [LeFevre, Kenneth C./Cohen, Neil M.+8], Street gang activity-estab. penal.

A1112 [Azzolina, Joseph+5], Home-Based Bus. Promotion Act

A1172 [Myers, Connie], Sewer company, small-takeover procedure

A1768 [Myers, Connie/Luongo, Gerald J.+4], Farmland devel. easements-revise req.

A1869 [Myers, Connie+4], Farmland planning grant prog.-estab.

A2050 [Felice, Nicholas R./Murphy, Carol J.+1], Prepaid telephone arrangements-sales tax

A2099 [Garrett, E. Scott+1], Campground fac.-clarify owners rights

A2139 [Gregg, Guy R./Cohen, Neil M.+6], Vending machines-incr. exemp., sales tax

A2255 [Bateman, Christopher/Cohen, Neil M.], NJ Lic. Lenders Act-makes changes

A2302 [Asselta, Nicholas/Gibson, John C.+6], Search/rescue team-prov. immunities

A2393 [Bateman, Christopher/Cohen, Neil M.], Banking procedures, cert.-simplifies

A2420 [Cohen, Neil M.+6], Firearm trigger locks-sales tax exemp.

A2421 [Cohen, Neil M./Gregg, Guy R.+6], Firearm vaults-sales tax exemp.

A2454 [Wright, Barbara/Murphy, Carol J.+5], Women's Micro-Bus. Cred. Act;$750K

A2469 [Collins, Jack/Cohen, Neil M.+4], Trigger gun locks-$5 instant rebate prog

A2511 [Arnone, Michael J./Garcia, Raul+24], Computer failure, cert.-civil immunity

A2747 [Caraballo, Wilfredo/Quigley, Joan M.+4], Dog or cat fur/products-proh. sale

A2804 [Bateman, Christopher/Weingarten, Joel+2], Trust Modernization Act of 1999-enact

A2806 [Bateman, Christopher/Augustine, Alan M.], Finan. instit.-retention of records

A2849 [Heck, Rose Marie/Lance, Leonard+8], Pub. Library Proj. Fd.;$15M

A3022 [Asselta, Nicholas/Gibson, John C.+6], Deer hunting w/ bait-permanently auth.

A3040 [DiGaetano, Paul/Cohen, Neil M.], NJ SAVER-clarifies tenant rebate prov.

A3073 [Bateman, Christopher/Biondi, Peter J.+27], Thermal imaging camera grant prog.;$20M

A3278 [Gibson, John C./Stuhltrager, Gary W.+7], Watershed stormwater mgmt.-approp. money

A3320 [O'Toole, Kevin J./Blee, Francis J.+8], Special mun. aid-concerns

ACR29 [Gibson, John C./DiGaetano, Paul+49], Vet. prop. tax deduct.-amends NJ constit

ACR168 [Stuhltrager, Gary W./Collins, Jack+5], Lottery-not support correctional prog.

AJR74 [Murphy, Carol J./Luongo, Gerald J.], NJ Cares about Children w/Cancer Mo-Sept

S68 [Ciesla, Andrew R./Connors, Leonard T.+30], Retir. income-incr. income tax exclusion

S276 [Vitale, Joseph F.], Homeowners' insurers-proh cert practices

S632 [Kyrillos, Joseph M./Kenny, Bernard F.+1], Home-Based Bus. Promotion Act

S724 [Ciesla, Andrew R./Turner, Shirley K.+1], Subcontracting, pub. sch.-concerns

S728 [Cafiero, James S.], Pinelands Comm.-approve cert. dwellings

S761 [Kyrillos, Joseph M./Kenny, Bernard F.+4], Ferryboats, commuter-exemp. sales tax

S770 [Sinagra, Jack/Adler, John H.], Athletic Training Lic. Act

S910 [Kavanaugh, Walter J.], Pub. contracting-revises laws

S1022 [Bucco, Anthony R./Martin, Robert J.], Purple Heart recipient-special lic plate

S1033 [Inverso, Peter A.], Prepaid telephone calling card-sales tax

S1040 [Bucco, Anthony R./Littell, Robert E.+1], Vending machines-incr. exemp., sales tax

S1074 [Kyrillos, Joseph M./DiFrancesco, Donald T.+9], Film, video industry-prov expanded exemp

S1092 [Cardinale, Gerald+3], Storm sys. map-emerg. approp. ordinance

S1134 [Allen, Diane/Schluter, William E.], Sewer company, small-takeover procedure

S1170 [Turner, Shirley K./Palaia, Joseph A.+1], Sch. bus driv.-screening procedures

S1210 [Kyrillos, Joseph M./Matheussen, John J.], Police badge displays, cert.-crime

S1249 [Littell, Robert E./Bennett, John O.+10], St. computer surplus-permits distrib.

S1262 [Cafiero, James S./Matheussen, John J.], Search and rescue team-prov. immunities

S1329 [Turner, Shirley K./Allen, Diane+3], Women's Micro-Bus. Cred. Act;$750K

S1341 [DiFrancesco, Donald T./Lynch, John A.+1], Firearm trigger locks-sales tax exemp.

S1342 [DiFrancesco, Donald T./Lynch, John A.+1], Firearm vaults-sales tax exemp.

THURSDAY, JULY 1, 1999 (continued)

SENATE SESSION (continued)

S1349 [Vitale, Joseph F./Bennett, John O.+1], Endangering an injured victim-offense

S1391 [Bassano, C. Louis/Cardinale, Gerald+6], Obscene material, under 18-crime

S1421 [Connors, Leonard T./Matheussen, John J.+4], Computer failure, cert.-civil immunity

S1462 [Bryant, Wayne R.], Assault on sch. bus drivers-upgrades

S1533 [Cardinale, Gerald], Prescription benf.-proh. cert. terms

S1724 [Inverso, Peter A.], NJ Lic. Lenders Act-makes changes

S1802 [Bennett, John O./Martin, Robert J.], Farmland devel. easements-revise req.

S1803 [Bennett, John O./Martin, Robert J.], Farmland planning grant prog.-estab.

S1815 [O'Connor, Edward T./Gormley, William L.+1], Dog or cat fur/products-proh. sale

S1819 [Cafiero, James S.], Deer hunting w/ bait-permanently auth.

S1852 [Kavanaugh, Walter J.], Finan. instit.-retention of records

S1853 [Kavanaugh, Walter J.], Banking procedures, cert.-simplifies

S1873 [Matheussen, John J./Robertson, Norman M.+6], Thermal imaging camera grant prog.;$10M

S1901 [Robertson, Norman M./Bucco, Anthony R.+6], Brain Injury Research Act

S1924 [Littell, Robert E./Inverso, Peter A.+6], Pub. Library Proj. Fd.;$15M

S1942 [Martin, Robert J.], Bd. of Ed. memb.-prov. for removal

S1945 [Singer, Robert W.], Tourism-promotion in 5th class co.

S1960 [McNamara, Henry P./Littell, Robert E.+4], Watershed moratorium-prov annual pymts

S1961 [Codey, Richard J./Singer, Robert W.+2], Horse races-off-track wagering fac.

S2022 [Matheussen, John J./Bark, Martha W.], Watershed based stormwater mgt.;$2.563M

S2043 [Littell, Robert E.], Special mun. aid-concerns

S2045 [DiFrancesco, Donald T./Palaia, Joseph A.], Handguns, child-proof-mandates sale

S2063 [Allen, Diane/Cardinale, Gerald+1], Abortion parental notification-training

SCR9 [Bassano, C. Louis/Connors, Leonard T.+13], Prop. tax deduct, vets-amends NJ constit

SCR114 [Zane, Raymond J./Matheussen, John J.+2], Lottery-not support correctional prog.

SJR9 [Turner, Shirley K./Inverso, Peter A.], Mercer Co. Vet. Mem. Hwy.-desig. Rt. 129

SR69 [Inverso, Peter A.], Monroe Twp., single area code-BPU assign

SR100 [Bassano, C. Louis/Connors, Leonard T.], Fishery Mgmt. Plan-block implementation

Senate Judiciary Meeting 9:30 AM Committee Room 4, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Gormley, William L.


to be a member of the Merit System Board:

Honorable Leo R. Vartan, Esq. of Kearny to replace Julius J. Mastro, Ph.D., deceased, for the term prescribed by law.


to be a Judge of the Superior Court:

Raymond Allen Batten of Avalon for the term prescribed by law.

Marlene Lynch Ford of Toms River for the term prescribed by law.

F. Lee Forrester of Hopewell for the term prescribed by law.

Donald S. Goldman of Livingston for the term prescribed by law.

Eugene Iadanza of Long Branch for the term prescribed by law.

Jack Kirsten of Short Hills for the term prescribed by law.

Louis F. Locascio of Lincroft for the term prescribed by law.

E. Benn Micheletti of Middletown for the term prescribed by law.

Charles Middlesworth, Jr. of Ventnor for the term prescribed by law.

Thomas E. O'Brien of Toms River for the term prescribed by law.

James Troiano of Cedar Grove for the term prescribed by law.

State Leasing and Space Utilization Committee Meeting 12:30 PM Room L103, State House, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Weingarten, Joel

The time of the meeting is approximate, depending on the Senate schedule.

The Committee may consider and may take action upon any items that may come before it.