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Legislative Services

NJ State Seal
New Jersey
Office of Legislative Services
Central Management Unit
Marvin W. Jiggetts, Director

ADDRESS: Room 350
State House Annex
P.O. Box 068
Trenton, NJ 08625-0068
PHONE NUMBER: 609-847-3880

 The Central Management Unit directs Central Staff in providing fiscal, legal, research and committee staff services to the Legislature. The unit oversees research and bill drafting assignments, processes and prints proposed legislation and coordinates special projects.

Marvin W. Jiggetts, Director
Room 350, State House Annex, 609-847-3880
, fax 609-777-4606
Josephine DeAngelo, Administrative Assistant
Maureen McMahon Assistant Director
Michael F. Feld Manager, Training and Staff Development
Cheryl A. McDermott Assistant to the Director
Maryann Cochran Coordinator of Secretarial Services and Bill Processing Unit
Linda O. Deakins Administrative Aide
Katherine A. Zucchetti Assignment Secretary
Megan Azoroh Secretary
Bill Processing Unit
Room 133, State House Annex, 609-847-3895
Dawn Brabson Supervisor, Bill Processing
Brenda Bektas Bill Processor
Careema Bell Bill Processor
Denise Franks Bill Processor
Roseanne T. Puleo Proofreader/Assistant to the Supervisor
Nicole Siracusa Bill Processor
Shelly L. Sommers Bill Processor
Vivian A. Todaro Head Processor

Authorities, Utilities, Transportation and Communications Section
(Authorities and commissions, capital financing, public utilities, transportation and communications)
Room 370, State House Annex, 609-847-3840
, fax 609-292-0561
Charles A. Buono, Jr Section Chief
Patrick Brennan Principal Fiscal Analyst
Amanda DeMarco Assistant Research Analyst
Kevin J. Donahue Principal Research Analyst
Sheree D. Henderson Senior Counsel
Tara M. Howley Senior Counsel
Philip M. Mersinger Senior Counsel
Lauren Stutz Senior Counsel
Kimberly Johnson Senior Section Secretary
Melinda Chance Principal Secretary
Carla Novatkoski Secretary
Commerce, Labor and Industry Section
(Commerce, industry, regulated professions, labor and employment, banking, insurance, unemployment insurance and workers compensation)
Room 270, State House Annex, 609-847-3845
, fax 609-777-2998 
Todd W. Moore Section Chief
Liza Ackerman Associate Research Analyst
Jamie E. Galemba Senior Counsel
Elvin Perez Assistant Research Analyst
Juan C. Rodriguez Senior Fiscal Analyst
Christian H. Weisenbacher Deputy Counsel
Gregory L. Williams Principal Research Analyst
Tyler L. Wolanin Assistant Research Analyst
Cynthia D. Petty Senior Section Secretary
Joanne W. Gillespie Principal Secretary
Pamela A. Rossi Secretary
Education Section
(Education, higher education, arts, libraries)
Room 320, State House Annex, 609-847-3850
, fax 609-984-9808
Kathleen Fazzari Section Chief
Adrian G. Crook Lead Research Analyst
Sarah B. Haimowitz Lead Research Analyst
Lauren E. LeFevre Deputy Counsel
Christopher Myles Associate Fiscal Analyst
William Owens Associate Fiscal Analyst
Joseph A. Pezzulo Associate Research Analyst
Anita M. Saynisch Principal Counsel
Larkin Cugnitti Senior Section Secretary
Natalie Pagan Senior Secretary
Marguerite Tazza Principal Secretary
Environment, Agriculture, Energy and Natural Resources Section
(Environment, agriculture, energy, natural resources, animals, beaches and tidelands, fish and wildlife, flood control, hazardous and solid waste, historic preservation, parks and open space, sewerage and water supply)
Room 370, State House Annex, 609-847-3855
, fax 609-292-0561
Judith L. Horowitz Section Chief
Carrie Anne Calvo-Hahn Principal Research Analyst
Christina Denney Assistant Research Analyst
Eric Hansen Associate Research Analyst
Neha Mehta Patel Senior Fiscal Analyst
Matthew H. Peterson Senior Counsel
Lucinda Tiajoloff Lead Research Analyst
Christine L. Hamilton Section Secretary
Stephanie Cenneno Principal Secretary
Pamela Cocroft Senior Secretary
Human Services Section
(Human services, welfare, health, senior citizens, disabled, hospitals, women and children)
Room 429, State House Annex, 609-847-3860
, fax 609-943-5996
Brian J. McCord Section Chief
Anne Cappabianca Assistant Fiscal Analyst
Richard Diaconu Lead Research Analyst
Michael D. Fahncke Lead Counsel
Adaline B. Kaser Lead Counsel
Michele Leblanc Lead Research Analyst
Justin Lucero Assistant Research Analyst
Sarah M. Schmidt Senior Research Analyst
Debra Mayberry Section Secretary
Lisa DeRosa Senior Secretary
Kimberly Prihoda Senior Secretary
Judiciary Section
(Judiciary, criminal justice, civil rights, torts, property and estates)
Room 407D, State House Annex, 609-847-3865
, fax 609-292-6510
Patricia K. Nagle Section Chief
Miriam Bavati Principal Counsel
Anuja Pande Joshi Assistant Research Analyst
Carolyn I. Roscoe Wright Principal Counsel
Sarita J. Welsh Senior Counsel
Denise Darmody Section Secretary
Frances E. Hample Senior Secretary
Alejandrina Riccardi Nominations Assistant
Law and Public Safety Section
(Public safety, motor vehicles, alcoholic beverages, police and firemen, corrections, juvenile justice and probation, parole and consumer affairs, weapons, Megan's Law and homeland security)
Room 412, State House Annex, 609-847-3870
, fax 609-777-2715
Anne M. Stefane Section Chief
Kristin Brunner Santos Senior Fiscal Analyst
Gabriella B. Ferri Senior Counsel
Amanda D. Holland Lead Counsel
Jamie L. Jennings Lead Counsel
Thomas M. Kelly Principal Counsel
Ian Siracusa Associate Counsel
Wendy S. Whitbeck Principal Counsel
Marybeth Webster Section Secretary
Charles K. Lwanga Secretary
Michelle L. McArthur Principal Secretary
Local Government Section
(Municipalities, counties, local finance, local public contracts, property taxes, local authorities, housing, urban and economic development, land use, zoning and planning)
Room 342, State House Annex, 609-847-3875, fax 609-633-1228
Robert A. Melcher Section Chief
Joel Chapman Assistant Research Analyst
Cindy Lombardi Hespe Principal Research Analyst
Chris Jewett Lead Counsel
Benjamin Levy Assistant Fiscal Analyst
Jason S. Postelnik Lead Counsel
Robert C. Rothberg Lead Counsel
Julie Ferranto Section Secretary
Erin Scabarozi Secretary
Jennifer Pypiak Secretary
Revenue, Finance and Appropriations Section
(Appropriations, revenues and taxation, federal relations, state budget and finance)
Room 310, State House Annex, 609-847-3835, fax 609-943-5995
David Drescher Section Chief
Scott A. Brodsky Principal Fiscal Analyst
Jordan M. Di Giovanni Revenue Analyst
Christine Dobisch Deputy Counsel
Neal Lang Associate Counsel
Parag Shende Associate Fiscal Analyst
Andrew J. Ward Senior Counsel
Sherri M. Hanlon Senior Section Secretary
Nadine M. Loretucci Senior Secretary
Jeanette McCue Senior Secretary
State Government Section
(State government, pensions, elections, public employees and personnel, casinos and gambling, federal and interstate relations and veterans)
Room 270, State House Annex, 609-847-3890
, fax 609-777-2998
Aggie Szilagyi Section Chief
Kimberly M. Clemmensen Lead Fiscal Analyst
Raysa Martinez Kruger Principal Research Analyst
Tracey F. Pino Murphy Lead Counsel
Joseph Pistritto Deputy Counsel
Nicolas Soto Assistant Research Analyst
Roshard Williams Associate Research Analyst
Stephanie M. Wozunk Senior Counsel
Sophie Love Senior Section Secretary
Audrey Bailey Principal Secretary
OLS Staff Directory



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