New Jersey State Legislature
A312 Prohibits public utility from terminating service for nonpayment unless customer is provided certified letter at least 10 business days prior to scheduled termination date.
2nd Reading in the Assembly

Last Session Bill Number: A600   

Primary Sponsors
Danielsen, Joe
Mukherji, Raj
Murphy, Carol A.
Verrelli, Anthony S.
McKnight, Angela V.
Mosquera, Gabriela M.
Downey, Joann
Timberlake, Britnee N.

1/14/2020 Introduced, Referred to Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee

2/20/2020 Reported out of Assembly Committee, 2nd Reading

Introduced - - 3 pages  
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Technical Review Of Prefiled Bill - - 2 pages  
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Statement - ATU 2/20/20 - 1 pages  
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