New Jersey State Legislature
A3844 Concerns business interruption insurance during coronavirus disease 2019 state of emergency.
2nd Reading in the Assembly

Primary Sponsors
Freiman, Roy
Greenwald, Louis D.
Chaparro, Annette
Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina
McKnight, Angela V.
Lopez, Yvonne
Wimberly, Benjie E.
Mazzeo, Vincent
Chiaravalloti, Nicholas
Jasey, Mila M.
Mejia, Pedro
Jimenez, Angelica M.
Swain, Lisa
Zwicker, Andrew
Mukherji, Raj
Danielsen, Joe
Sumter, Shavonda E.
Giblin, Thomas P.

3/16/2020 Introduced, Referred to Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee

3/16/2020 Reported out of Assembly Committee, 2nd Reading

3/16/2020 Emergency Resolution (63-0-0) (Greenwald)

Statement - AHS 3/16/20 - 2 pages  
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Introduced - - 4 pages  
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