New Jersey State Legislature
A3864 Authorizes notaries public to perform certain notarial acts remotely.
Received by the Assembly
Identical Bill Number: S2299  

Primary Sponsors
Downey, Joann
Houghtaling, Eric
Swain, Lisa
Greenstein, Linda R.
O'Scanlon, Declan J., Jr.
Gopal, Vin
Ruiz, M. Teresa
Turner, Shirley K.
Brown, Chris A.
Holzapfel, James W.
Singer, Robert W.
Singleton, Troy
Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina

3/16/2020 Introduced, 1st Reading without Reference, 2nd Reading

3/16/2020 Emergency Resolution (63-0-0) (Greenwald)

3/16/2020 Passed by the Assembly (63-0-2)

3/16/2020 Received in the Senate without Reference, 2nd Reading

3/19/2020 Substituted for S2299

3/19/2020 Passed Senate (Passed Both Houses) (34-0)

5/4/2020 Absolute Veto, Received in the Assembly

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Veto - Absolute Veto - 2 pages  
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