New Jersey State Legislature
S2292 Permits use of virtual or remote instruction to meet minimum 180-day school year requirement under certain circumstances.
Substituted by another Bill
Identical Bill Number: A3813   (1R)

Primary Sponsors
Cardinale, Gerald
Beach, James
Cruz-Perez, Nilsa I.
Ruiz, M. Teresa
Addiego, Dawn Marie
Madden, Fred H., Jr.
Scutari, Nicholas P.
Bateman, Christopher
Bucco, Anthony M.
Brown, Chris A.
Holzapfel, James W.
Singer, Robert W.
Oroho, Steven V.
O'Scanlon, Declan J., Jr.

3/16/2020 Introduced, 1st Reading without Reference, 2nd Reading

3/19/2020 Substituted by A3813 (1R)

Introduced - - 6 pages  
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