New Jersey State Legislature
S2293 Creates "Temporary Lost Wage Unemployment Program;" allows persons to claim for lost wages due to coronavirus disease 2019, and employers to pay wages to workers ordered under quarantine by licensed healthcare practitioner; appropriates $20,000,000.
Substituted by another Bill
Identical Bill Number: A3846  

Primary Sponsors
Madden, Fred H., Jr.
Lagana, Joseph A.
Stack, Brian P.
Cruz-Perez, Nilsa I.
Ruiz, M. Teresa
Addiego, Dawn Marie
Greenstein, Linda R.
Scutari, Nicholas P.
Bateman, Christopher
Brown, Chris A.
Singleton, Troy

3/16/2020 Introduced, 1st Reading without Reference, 2nd Reading

3/19/2020 Substituted by A3846

Introduced - - 5 pages  
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