New Jersey State Legislature
S241/491 Scs (SCS) Concerns eligibility, procedures, and post-program relief for certain drug or alcohol dependent persons sentenced to special probation, or regular probation which as a condition of such requires substance use disorders treatment. *
2nd Reading in the Senate
Identical Bill Number: A2312  
Last Session Bill Number: S3662   

Primary Sponsors
Scutari, Nicholas P.
Singleton, Troy
Cunningham, Sandra B.
Brown, Chris A.
Vitale, Joseph F.
Gill, Nia H., Esq.

1/14/2020 Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Judiciary Committee

3/19/2020 Reported from Senate Committee as a Substitute, 2nd Reading

Introduced - - 13 pages  
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Senate Committee Substitute - S491 - 13 pages  
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Statement - SJU 3/19/2020 S491 - 3 pages  
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