New Jersey State Legislature
S687 Sa (1R) "Hunger-Free Students' Bill of Rights Act"; requires certain school meal information be provided to students' parents; establishes protocols for identifying eligible students for meal programs; prohibits stigmatizing student with bill in arrears.
Substituted by another Bill
Identical Bill Number: A1104   (1R)
Last Session Bill Number: S2979   

Primary Sponsors
Ruiz, M. Teresa
Beach, James
Gopal, Vin
Kean, Thomas H., Jr.
Turner, Shirley K.
Madden, Fred H., Jr.
Scutari, Nicholas P.

1/14/2020 Introduced, 1st Reading without Reference, 2nd Reading

3/19/2020 Senate Amendment (Voice) (Ruiz)

3/19/2020 Substituted by A1104 (1R)

Introduced - - 4 pages  
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Technical Review Of Prefiled Bill - - 3 pages  
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Floor Statement - Senate 3/19/20 - 1 pages  
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Reprint - - 4 pages  
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