New Jersey State Legislature

   Senate Budget and Appropriations
    Tuesday, May 12, 2020 - 2:00 PM
    Meeting - Committee Room 4, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ
  Due to the public health emergency, the State House Annex remains closed to visitors and the public will not be allowed to attend the meeting in person. The Committee will take oral testimony on bills, by telephone and/or video, limited to three minutes.  If you are interested in testifying orally, you should fill out the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee Registration Form located on the New Jersey Legislature home page. The form must be submitted by 3:00 PM Monday May 11, 2020.     

Bill   S2346
Abstract   Permits, approvals and deadlines, certain-extends during COVID-19 emergency  
Current Status   SUB
LDOA   5/14/2020

Bill   S2360
Abstract   Charitable contributions, cert-allow gross income tax deduction during COVID-19  
Current Status   AAP
LDOA   5/28/2020

Bill   S2361
Abstract   Infectious disease terroristic threats, COVID-19-establish second degree crime  
Current Status   SBA
LDOA   5/11/2020

Bill   S2384
Abstract   COVID-19-req. health care fac. report data related to workers & first responders  
Current Status   AAP
LDOA   7/30/2020

Bill   S2392
Abstract   Local government deadlines, meetings and acceptance of prop tax payments  
Current Status   SUB
LDOA   5/14/2020

Bill   S2413
Abstract   Alcoholic beverage-concerns delivery and sale during declared state of emergency  
Current Status   SUB
LDOA   5/14/2020

Bill   S2423
Abstract   Bankruptcy proceedings-concerns exemptions  
Current Status   AJU
LDOA   7/2/2020

Bill   S2436
Abstract   Coronavirus disease 2019 testing-authorizes pharmacists to order and administer  
Current Status   PBH
LDOA   9/24/2020

Bill   S2437
Abstract   Food takeout & delivery, third-party-limits service fees during state of emerg.  
Current Status   APP
LDOA   6/26/2020

Bill   S2477
Abstract   Civil Service, Sate/local employees-permits tranfer in certain circumstances  
Current Status   ASL
LDOA   5/28/2020