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A4134 AcaSca (2R) "New Jersey Secure Choice Savings Program Act"; establishes retirement savings program for certain workers; establishes standard contribution level of 3 percent.*
Bills and Joint Resolutions Signed by the Governor

Identical Bill Number: S2891    (2R)
Last Session Bill Number: A3099  

Freiman, Roy   as Primary Sponsor
Mukherji, Raj   as Primary Sponsor
Murphy, Carol A.   as Primary Sponsor
Lagana, Joseph A.   as Primary Sponsor
Singleton, Troy   as Primary Sponsor
Turner, Shirley K.   as Primary Sponsor
Kean, Sean T.   as Co-Sponsor
Holley, Jamel C.   as Co-Sponsor
Benson, Daniel R.   as Co-Sponsor
Giblin, Thomas P.   as Co-Sponsor
Quijano, Annette   as Co-Sponsor
Conaway, Herb, Jr.   as Co-Sponsor
Johnson, Gordon M.   as Co-Sponsor
Calabrese, Clinton   as Co-Sponsor
Carter, Linda S.   as Co-Sponsor
Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina   as Co-Sponsor
Jasey, Mila M.   as Co-Sponsor
Coughlin, Craig J.   as Co-Sponsor
Lopez, Yvonne   as Co-Sponsor
Downey, Joann   as Co-Sponsor
McKnight, Angela V.   as Co-Sponsor
Diegnan, Patrick J., Jr.   as Co-Sponsor
Singer, Robert W.   as Co-Sponsor
Thompson, Samuel D.   as Co-Sponsor
Brown, Chris A.   as Co-Sponsor
Greenstein, Linda R.   as Co-Sponsor
O'Scanlon, Declan J., Jr.   as Co-Sponsor
Rice, Ronald L.   as Co-Sponsor
Cunningham, Sandra B.   as Co-Sponsor
Ruiz, M. Teresa   as Co-Sponsor
McKeon, John F.   as Co-Sponsor

6/11/2018 Introduced, Referred to Assembly Labor Committee
6/18/2018 Transferred to Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee
10/15/2018 Reported and Referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee
12/10/2018 Reported out of Assembly Comm. with Amendments, 2nd Reading
12/17/2018 Motion To Aa (Bucco)
12/17/2018 Motion To Table (Greenwald) (50-26-0)
12/17/2018 Passed by the Assembly (53-24-0)
1/17/2019 Received in the Senate, Referred to Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee
2/7/2019 Reported from Senate Committee with Amendments, 2nd Reading
2/21/2019 Substituted for S2891 (2R)
2/21/2019 Passed by the Senate (29-6)
2/25/2019 Received in the Assembly, 2nd Reading on Concurrence
2/25/2019 Passed Assembly (Passed Both Houses) (54-20-1)
3/28/2019 Approved P.L.2019, c.56.

Statement - AFI 10/15/18 - 5 pages PDF Format    HTML Format
Introduced - - 20 pages PDF Format    HTML Format
Statement - AAP 12/10/18 - 4 pages PDF Format    HTML Format
Reprint - - 17 pages PDF Format    HTML Format
Fiscal Estimate - 1/14/19; 1R - 3 pages PDF Format    HTML Format
Statement - SBA 2/7/19 1R - 5 pages PDF Format    HTML Format
Reprint - - 18 pages PDF Format    HTML Format
Fiscal Estimate - 3/20/19; 2R - 3 pages PDF Format    HTML Format
Advance Law - - 18 pages PDF Format    HTML Format
Pamphlet Law - - 12 pages PDF Format    HTML Format

Committee Voting:
AFI  10/15/2018  -  r/favorably  -  Yes {8}  No {3}  Not Voting {2}  Abstains {0}  -  Roll Call
AAP  12/10/2018  -  r/Aca  -  Yes {7}  No {4}  Not Voting {0}  Abstains {0}  -  Roll Call
SBA  2/7/2019  -  r/Sca  -  Yes {11}  No {1}  Not Voting {0}  Abstains {0}  -  Roll Call

Session Voting:
Asm.  12/17/2018  -  MOTION TAB MOTION   -  Yes {50}  No {26}  Not Voting {4}  Abstains {0}  -  Roll Call
Asm.  12/17/2018  -  3RDG FINAL PASSAGE   -  Yes {53}  No {24}  Not Voting {3}  Abstains {0}  -  Roll Call
Sen.    2/21/2019  -  SUB FOR S2891   -  Yes {0}  No {0}  Not Voting {40}    -  Voice Vote Passed
Sen.    2/21/2019  -  3RDG FINAL PASSAGE   -  Yes {29}  No {6}  Not Voting {5}    -  Roll Call
Asm.  2/25/2019  -  CONCUR IN SA   -  Yes {54}  No {20}  Not Voting {5}  Abstains {1}  -  Roll Call



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